Two bespoke wedding mosaics 

One is made using a compressed  glass famous for its deep and vibrant colours which has been used since Byzantine times and is still made in Venice. The second is created with found, foraged and repurposed materials including old family jewellery, a fish bone and husks from a hazel tree from a path where the couple often walk.

However, each of these wedding mosaics is equally significant to the couple. The glass mosaic was commissioned by the bride for her husband to be and is based on the pattern in the robe of a Byzantine emperor whose image adorns the ancient walls of Agia Sophia in Istanbul. Hidden within the mosaic is a reference to the proposal and the date of their wedding. The couple's initials are in the centre.

The mosaic made with less precious materials consists of two panels, loosely representing the two partners in the couple. The lines run horizontally and vertically and are intertwined, indicating the simultaneous separateness and joined-ness of the pair.