Roman and Byzantine style mosaic heads

I love making these heads. These are the mosaics which I make for the pure pleasure of making. I find the mosaic making process completely immersive but when making faces a different dimension of attentiveness is needed. A slight misplacement can lead to unwanted facial palsy or can turn a coy smile into a sinister grimace.

I started making the heads as updated versions of ancient themes. Roman mosaic designs are usually based on subjects which were relevant and current at the time. The people who commissioned them wanted to create things of beauty but also to placate the gods, commemorate public games, impress their guests or celebrate the seasons. Essentially we're no different even if we feel we aren't so vulnerable to the vagaries of unseen forces.

The heads below (going from top to bottom and left to right) are A Representation of Spring in the Age of Climate Breakdown, Bubblegum God, The Emperor Justinian Deshabilles and The Empress Theodora Goes Incognito.