Memorial mosaic using mixed materials

I was deeply touched when I was asked to make a memorial mosaic to commemorate a much loved mother, teacher and partner. Emma's death had been sudden and unexpected, leaving two young children and an extensive circle of family and friends shocked and grieving.

Her husband collected items from their home and added things donated by friends: buttons from a favourite coat, a coin from the year of her birth, broken toys, a cracked mug and micro plastics Emma had collected on the beach with her children.

The colours had been considered too: orange to signify her taste for the iconic Scottish drink Irn Bru, red for her commitment to the Labour party.

I made my own contributions: dried heather from the hills where she was raised, rusty nails to represent her upbringing on a farm, shells from the local beaches and flecks of gold leaf smalti for the centre of the mosaic, representing her heart.

The glass artist Lois Parker donated fused glass letters to spell out Emma's name.