Lower City Mills Mosaic, Perth, Scotland

Outside an old flour mill dating from the late 18th century were the remnants of a circular mosaic set into the pavement. The mosaic, made of glass and ceramic with touches of gold, was probably installed around 30 years ago but it was badly deteriorated. Water had got underneath and pushed the tesserae out so that only a section remained. Despite extensive searches, no one was able to find out who had made the mosaic and how it came to be there.

In 2023, the Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust, who are responsible for the maintenance of the historic mill, contacted me to see if we could replace the mosaic. They organised a series of workshops to teach mosaic skills as part of their programme to support traditional skills.

Some of those who attended the workshops then continued to work on the making of the mosaic which was made in reverse on paper. This meant that the design, which was based on the original design of a water-powered mill stone, could be divided into sections. Each of the volunteers worked on their own piece of the mosaic which was assembled on site like a giant jigsaw.