Two doorway mosaic thresholds

These two doorway mosaic thresholds have a lot in common: both are predominately made using black and white tiles and have the number as the main focus of the design. They are also mostly made with whole tiles except for hand cutting for the numbers and other minor details.

In addition, they use only Winckelmans tiles. These tiles are manufactured in Northern France by a family firm and are non porous and exceptionally durable which means that they can be use for indoor and outdoor mosaics and are suitable for bathroom conditions and heavy foot traffic.

Making the mosaics begun with creating a paper template to fit the required space. The tiles are then laid upside down onto the paper with a flour paste glue. The threshold for number 35a was larger which meant that as each section was completed it was cut away from the main design with a scalpel. Threshold 24 could be made as a complete piece and then cut for transport and installation.