Commission a mosaic

If you are interested in commissioning a mosaic then please get in touch through the 'Enquire' button below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. The broad range of work that I undertake means that each mosaic is different but the steps below explain the overall commissioning process.

Please also check out the 'Projects' section of my Gallery page where you will see some examples of mosaics through different stages from design to completion.



Graphic for enquiry about commissioning a mosaic

Step 1. Contact.
The process of commissioning a mosaic begins with a free consultation by email or phone (or in person if you are local) to discuss possible designs. At this stage we will also discuss the size, materials, the method of making, as well as transporting and installing the mosaic. I will then be able to give you a costing and an estimated time of completion.


Graphic for designing a mosaic

Step 2. Design
If you decide to proceed, I charge a design fee for up to three draft designs based on your requirements. This fee is part of the overall cost if the commission goes ahead, otherwise it is non-refundable. At this stage we also discuss materials, and I am happy to send you tile samples.

If required I can also create a mosaic ‘maquette’ at an extra cost to give you an idea of how the finished mosaic will look and feel. Once you have selected the design, I will work it up in detail so that we have a scaled, coloured cartoon in digital format for your approval before I begin fabrication.

Commissioning a mosaic making

Step 3. Fabrication.
I will then start work on the mosaic, sending you updates and photographs as I go. If I am using the paper backed method, minor adjustments can be made during the fabrication process, but I recommend that this is kept to a minimum. Significant changes would be at an extra cost.

Step 4. Shipping.
I will notify you once the mosaic is ready for shipping. Depending on the size, I will personally package and ship the mosaic by registered mail. For larger mosaics or mosaics which are going overseas I use a specialised art shipping company and will provide you with a quote before the mosaic is sent.

Step 5. Installation.
I do not carry out installation myself but am happy to provide you with details of how to install and care for your mosaic. For floors, this might mean liaising with your building contractor and giving details of a suitable base for the mosaic.